Celebrating success at Lux Family Law by Olivia Rookes

It was a fantastic opportunity to have been taken to see Beyonce in concert at the Principality Stadium by our director, Charlotte Leyshon (and have my first experience of a concert in a box!). After the concert, I began thinking about how essential it is to feel valued as an employee, especially in light of it being Mental Health Awareness week. Lux has a culture of supporting its employees and making each and every one of us feel valued for our success and hard work. From having our Christmas party at the glamorous Bob Bob Ricard restaurant in London, to having our regular team lunches out and having the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend Beyonce, I can truly say that I feel valued working at Lux. Working in family law means that we are often dealing with clients who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives and often those difficulties can be projected on to us. Making sure we are a cohesive team who feel supported and valued is essential and I firmly believe filters through to the service we offer our clients. Beyonce’s message in her songs is one of female empowerment and confidence, it felt very apt that our all female team were able to enjoy this experience together.